Why Does This Suitcase Have a 7,000-Person Waitlist?

Ask the closest woman. She knows.

January 19, 2017 9:00 am

You want this Raden suitcase? Get in line. Behind 7,000 other people who got there first

Whether you’re questioning the suitcase’s popularity from the perspective of a potential buyer for yourself, a potential buyer for your girlfriend or an entrepreneur looking for an equally covetable product launch, we’re happy to say that we have the short answer. 

Nobody needs nice luggage. 

Seriously: Duct-tape your stuff in a Hefty bag, and you’ll get the job done. 

Plus, the nicer the suitcase, the greater the target at baggage claim — an open-air market for all the thieves on flights who arrived at roughly the same time as yours. (And anyone who just wanders into the terminal, if you’re getting off a domestic flight.) 

All this is to say, luxury bags have their place — just not in our heart.

But I must say, the Raden A50 set is winning me over. Sure, it’s heartbreaker, a waitlist-maker. You’ll buy a high-end suitcase, but you won’t put yourself at the bottom of a 7,000-person waitlist for it. Unless it’s this one.

According to Conde Nast, you can chalk up the massive waitlist to Raden’s Pink Gloss suitcase. 

Colors aside, this luggage has all the bells and whistles you’d want, from Bluetooth proximity pings to self-weigh tech to feather-weight (8.4 and 13 pounds for the 28″ and the 22″ models). The shell is made of Makrolon polycarbonate, meant to reduce damage. 

And the magic juice? They’re spectacularly good-looking. Sometimes, it pays to make a superior product without cutting corners.

As for the $295 price tag? It’s far from what you’d pay for a Tumi or Rimowa. So, perhaps we can let it slide, only this once.


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