The Best Getaways Aren’t Free, They’re a Surprise

Pack Up + Go books secret weekend trips for the curious jetset

By The Editors
March 10, 2016 9:00 am

Some of the most profound experiences in life, they say, are unexpected.

Plans can never be spontaneous, because well … they’re plans. That is unless someone else is doing the planning for you.

That’s the promise of Pack Up + Go, the travel agency that’ll arrange all the particulars for your next weekend getaway — accommodations, itinerary, et. al. — with an unexpected catch: you won’t know your destination until departure.

Ya heard right.

The service works like so: you pick your preferred mode transportation (train, plane, automobile, etc.) and a budget level for each of your travel companions, then fill out a survey about where you’ve been and and what you’re interested in going during the three-day getaway.

Pack Up handles the rest.

Once paid for (non-refundable), the company sends out an envelope containing all the travel details. At this point: you can open it or not, depending on your self-control, or lack thereof. Those willing to wait should know you’ll be briefed a week before departure on the weather and what to bring.  

Each destination is about three or four hours away and the company has already sent thrill seekers to cities like Chicago, Austin, New Orleans and Pittsburgh. While they are no longer accepting reservations for March or April, it’s not too late to not plan a summer excursion to parts unknown.

“Who says surprises are just for kids?” says founder and CEO Lillian Rafson.

Care to find out?


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