Netflix Looks to Hire Flight Attendants to the Tune of $385,000 a Year

Apparently, your subscription fees are helping fund a fleet of private jets

A Netflix logo seen displayed on a smartphone. The streaming platform is hiring flight attendants for its fleet of private jets.
Does it come with a free Netflix account?

Netflix is, by and large, a good company to work for. According to data collected by Comparably, 84% of Netflix employees feel they are paid fairly, 89% are satisfied with their benefits, 78% are satisfied with their stock/equity and another 88% feel that their work environment is positive one.

That said, if you don’t specialize in content, creative production, data and analytics, design and product innovation, or software engineering, that might not mean anything to you, as those are typically the fields from which the streaming giant generally sources its talent.

But if you’re a flight attendant, it might.

Per a new report from travel blog Paddle Your Own Kanoo, Netflix is searching for a new in-house flight attendant, or maybe even multiple. The gig? Manning the platform’s fleet of Gulfstream mid-size private jets, like the G550.

The position is based out of San Jose, California (more specifically, San Jose International Airport) and, per the job listing, pays anywhere from $60,000 to $385,000 a year. Of course, you must be an experienced flight attendant to apply.

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Among the responsibilities and requirements listed to be a Netflix flight attendant:

  • The SJC-based Flight Attendant will be the primary Flight Attendant on a Super Midsize Jet. They will maintain and provision the SJC Stockroom. The SJC Flight Attendant will support G550 trips as needed.
  • Demonstrate a professional representation of Netflix Aviation at all times while performing the duties of the position. 
  • Responsible for ensuring that Netflix Aviation’s goals for safety, security and highest quality service are continually met. 
  • Performs pre-flight inspection of all cabin, galley and cockpit emergency equipment.
  • Conducts a briefing of safety and emergency procedures prior to each flight and ensures that the cabin is secure prior to taxi, takeoff and landing.
  • Reports to the Flight Attendant Manager. When on a scheduled trip, the FA is responsible to the PIC. 
  • Flight Safety FAA-certified training.
  • Flexibility to work a varied work schedule including domestic and international travel, often requiring weekend and holiday work days and extended travel periods. 
  • Must be able to assist with purchasing aircraft stock prior to trips, ability to lift and carry up to 30 lbs when loading and stocking the aircraft, capable of long periods of standing, able to help with baggage loading as necessary. 
  • Availability to work ground duty days, in our San Jose hangar, provisioning aircraft and stockrooms, and attending team meetings in Burbank.
  • Ability to thrive within a team of Flight Attendants.

The right candidate will also be required to thrive among Netflix’s key executives who are the primary users of the streamer’s fleet (both they and their family members are, as a perk, allowed access to the fleet for personal use). In fact, according to Paddle Your Own Kanoo, co-chief executive officer Reed Hastings was responsible for more than $442,000 worth of private jet use in 2021, and chief operating officer Greg Peters for around $308,000.

In other words, a high tolerance for corporate bullshit is also probably a prerequisite. That said, for $385,000 a year (and presumably a free, no-ad Netflix subscription), I, at least, could probably be swayed. If I was a flight attendant, that is.


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