These Were the Most-Liked Airbnbs on Instagram in 2022

From A-frames and glass huts to villas and cottages

The Step by 127 Cabin Co., in Montgomery, New York, was one of the most liked Airbnb posts of 2022.
The Step by 127 Cabin Co., in Montgomery, New York, was one of the most liked Airbnb posts of 2022.

I love me an aesthetically pleasing Airbnb, which is the most plausible explanation for why I spend such an ungodly amount of time perusing Airbnb Pluses and Luxes that I can’t afford, in areas I’ll likely never visit (the properties in Ko Samui are stunning). If you share my predilection for beautiful rentals, there’s a fairly good chance you, too, follow the company’s official Instagram, which has amassed over five million followers, where such properties abound.

If you haven’t been following Airbnb’s IG, not to worry. The platform just published its most-liked Airbnbs on Instagram for 2022 for public consumption — a highlight reel, if you will. And I’m pleased to report that the top 10 are, indeed, extremely nice to look at, and not all Luxes (read: they might actually fit into my budget).

“With inflation and a rising cost of living, affordability is top of mind for many as they dreamily scroll from post to post — so it’s no surprise that some of the more popular posts on Airbnb’s [Instagram] for 2022 include some great value stays including a cozy mountain cottage in Spain or a glass hut in a forest in Brazil. Here is some of last year’s most popular user generated content — featuring bargains and the odd splurge — to fuel some holiday inspiration,” the release reads.

Whether you’re in the market for a trip to Turkey, Belgium or Argentina, you’re going to want to get into these. Below, the most-liked Airbnb listings in 2022. (I’ll be busy manifesting a stay in #1.)

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