Acrophobia Sufferers Beware — The World’s Longest Suspension Footbridge Is Open

And it is (checks notes) 721 meters long

Sky Bridge 721
Sky Bridge 721

As of this Friday the 13th, the longest pedestrian suspension footbridge in the world is officially open to the public.

The Sky Bridge 721 is, you guessed it, 721 meters (or roughly 2,365 feet) long and is suspended 95 meters (312 feet) above the valley floor of the Dolní Morava vacation resort, located in the northeast region of the Czech Republic. Equipped to hold up to 500 people simultaneously — per a new report from CNN Travel — it’s been under construction for the past two years and promises “spectacular views of the cloud-shrouded Jeseníky mountains.”

Needless to say: the Sky Bridge 721 is not for the faint of heart. “It will take some courage to cross the bridge, but we guarantee a unique experience that you will never forget,” the website says. It’s about a 10-minute walk across, and the bridge is comprised entirely of a see-through metal grid hanging from steel cables that connects the ridge of the Slamnik Mountain to the ridge of Chlum Mountain, providing a virtually entirely unhindered view of the gorge below. Oh, and it wobbles.

“Marvelous, impressive, the bridge moves, so you think something is going to happen,” Theo Scheepens, one of the first people to make the trek across, told NBC News. “I wonder what is going to happen when it is windy.”

To answer Scheepens question, the bridge closes if winds reach 84 mph. But anything less? 83 mph winds, even? You’re good.

And while the Dolní Morava Mountain Resort — a roughly 2.5 hours drive from Prague — actually has quite a bit more to offer than just the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, officials hope that the Sky Bridge 721 will help boost tourism to the area by appealing to a new segment of adventure seekers.

So if you aren’t perturbed by the prospect of a suspension bridge almost eight football fields long dangling over a gorge that shakes when the wind blows, consider heading over to the Czech Republic for some good old-fashioned fun. Tickets are for adults start at 350 Czech Koruna (or roughly $15).


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