Foam Parties Are Gross. Hungarian Bath Parties, However …

You deserve to know what a 'Sparty' is

May 9, 2017 9:00 am

Every city has something that makes it special. In Budapest, it’s the city’s historic baths: There are over 100 thermal springs beneath the city, and many of them feed into its spa complexes — most famously the Széchenyi Baths.

Now — after centuries of visitors soaking in the city’s baths, from the Romans to the Turks — they have made their final transformation: into the site of “sparties,” popular with the bazillions of backpackers traveling in and out of the city, according to National Geographic: “Bubbling thermal water offsets the chill of the evening air, disco lights flash in shades of pink and purple, and the DJ spins against the backdrop of shouting revelers.” There is “thumping bass” and there are mojitos — all enjoyed by “20-something Brits and Australians.” (We’re pretty sure the actual make-up of the parties are slightly more ecumenical than that.) 

The Széchenyi Baths are worth visiting day or night, though the vibe is more chill (read: senior) in the day than in the evening. What we recommend: Book in at the Four Seasons, take a stroll (or a cruise) along the Danube, and then pack up your trunks. As it turns out, mojitos and thumping bass are actually best/only enjoyed when in the company of hundreds of ladies in their swimwear. 


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