A Guide to All the Scary Things Your Airplane Might Do

Does air turbulence reduce you to a cowering mess? Use this.

May 4, 2017 9:00 am

Is the experience of flying at all off-putting for you? Let technology make it better. 

Now, some nervous flyers want to close their eyes (thank you, alcohol/Valium/sheer terror) and wait till it’s over. 

Other flyers, we understand, prefer to micromanage the flight to the best of their abilities. 

SkyGuru is made for them

Download it before your flight, enter your details, and it’ll serve up a detailed itinerary — answering all your questions, including “What noise is that?” and “Why are we suddenly pointing down?” 

Consider this recent headline from CNN: “Climate Change Expected to Make Turbulence Stronger and More Frequent.” If that pans out, we all may benefit from a better working knowledge of what’s going on up there, from sudden drops to whatever that sporadic crunching noise is that sounds just like what a breaking plane might sound like.

It can even project weather conditions and resulting turbulence, based on the information available at the last point of online contact. 

Is it a better distraction/mood manager than a full queue of fresh-from-theater movies? 

Eh. Not for us. 

But if you’re a nervous flyer whose nerves are calmed with a surfeit of information, this could make your next flight considerably smoother. 


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