Not a Drill: $300 Round-Trip Flights to Europe

Departing from an American city near you

October 18, 2017 9:00 am

The unbelievable fares to Europe continue. Now on sale: tickets to Paris, Helsinki, and other European capitals from all over the U.S. — including from the West Coast — for around $300. And travel dates extend all the way until June, for early summer travel. At some point, these are going to evaporate, so we say grab them while you can. 

These is a massive caveat: All these fares are Icelandair’s new Economy Light class — the Icelandic version of those bare-bones basic economy seats now available on major U.S. carriers. (Notably, U.S. carriers have yet to debut those seats on international flights.) Wondering if you can check a bag for free? Oh, no: In fact, you’ll pay $95 per bag each way for the privilege. Let’s not even get into the fees involved with choosing a seat. 

In short: If you want a cheap ticket to Europe — and travel light — this is a great buy. Otherwise, it’s worth waiting for a major carrier, with cushier privileges, to run a sale. 


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