The Key to Massive Mileage Points? The Art of the Churn, Baby.

Ready to open 45 credit cards? Great. Let's get started.

November 9, 2016 9:00 am

Are you good with credit cards? 

Like really good? 

If so, you might be interested in the story of Houston lawyer Daniel Gillaspia, who manages an impressive 45 credit cards to take best advantage of their points offerings — swapping balances between them and reaping the benefits. 

It’s not a path appropriate — or even available — to everyone. If your credit sucks, you won’t qualify for additional credit, which leaves this mileage accrual strategy out of bounds. If you have good credit but might not succeed at managing the balances of nearly four dozen credit cards … you want to cross this one off your list.

Managing credit is cool … if you get rewarded for it. But paying off four-dozen cards after you’ve accidentally maxed them all out won’t get you any closer to traveling the world: “The key is keeping track of them and paying them off fully each month. Gillaspia uses two to four cards regularly, and organizes the rest in intricate spreadsheets,” writes Travel and Leisure.

Looking for more advice? Check out his blog, Upon Arriving, which offers a mix of hacker-y points tips (“Review of the Chase Hyatt Card: Should You Apply?“) and destination stories (“Food Tour Through the Streets of Tokyo“). 

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