Wants to Fund Your Greenlandic Expedition

You're headed to Ittoqqortoormiit. Got that?

December 3, 2018 9:00 am

Here’s a word you’ve definitely never seen before: “Ittoqqortoormiit.” 

It’s the name of a town waaay up there in northeastern Greenland. And while we can’t tell you with certainty how to pronounce it, we can tell you how to vacation in it for a week free of charge, courtesy of

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As part of’s #RemoteAF campaign, (translates to “remote as f*ck” for all you baby boomers), aspiring Arctic adventurers can stay in Ittoqqortoormiit’s main hotel for up to one week, on the booking site’s dime. The details: you have to book by December 31st, you’re booking your room for a week in March 2019 and you should expect to pay for everything else. Including food, extra coats and … transport, of which there will be quite a bit.

Seriously, if they made a Planes, Trains and Automobiles action reboot, it’d star The Rock trying to get to Ittoqqortoormiit. Be prepared to brave two planes — one to Reykjavik, Iceland, the next up to Akureyri, Iceland — a helicopter over to Greenland, and an ATV ride. There might even be a dog sled ride thrown somewhere in there. 

Obviously, all that travel will tally up. But knowing you’ve got a free bed (just enter code REMOTE when booking) and a very friendly town (population 425) waiting for you, it should all prove worth it. 

For more information on booking your expedition, head here.  

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