Nothing Is as Weird as Guests Stealing Mattresses From Hotels

Which is a thing that happens, and apparently not infrequently

A black suitcase sitting in front of a bed in a hotel room. A new survey looks at the number of mattresses stolen from hotels.
Leave the mattress.

It’s not uncommon for guests to take things from hotels, with toiletries, room keys and the occasional pair of slippers often counted among the casualties. But that’s kid shit compared to what some guests are reportedly pilfering from their rooms.

According to a survey cited by CNN, 49 four- and five-star hotels have reported having mattresses stolen since January 2018, which may sound like an insignificant number, until you consider what stealing a mattress from a hotel entails. And then that the hotel in question probably has the thief’s details, up to and including their credit card information, on file. Though, according to View From the Wing, most mattress thefts usually go unreported.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, too. The most frequently stolen items according to this survey of 1,157 hotels — after the usual towels, bathrobes and coat hangers — are items like TVs, batteries and remote controls. And remember, these are luxury establishments! (I guess, to be fair, if I was going to risk it all on a mattress, it would be for a Rosewood mattress as opposed to one from Motel 8.)

Per View From the Wing,  the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire once even had a fireplace stolen, while one Sheraton property had a grand piano taken from the lobby.

But just because they aren’t (always) getting the authorities involved, that doesn’t mean hotels aren’t taking action at all. In fact, theft is the reason many properties are now affixing toiletries to the walls in the bathroom. Others have taken to tagging their items to trigger alarms, as in the case of one hotel that reportedly saved $16,000 a month on towels by doing so.

Of course, most properties assume that some things will invariably always go missing. As Ross Gellar famously said, “You have to find the line between stealing and taking what the hotel owes you. For example, hair dryer: no, no, no. But shampoos and conditioners are yes, yes, yes.”

For anyone who needs to hear it, hotel mattresses are — now and always — a hard no, no, no.


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