Jet Set

By The Editors
May 20, 2014 9:00 am
Four Seasons

The world is a big, beautiful place worth getting to know.

Even if it involves air travel.

Or, crazy thought here, because it involves air travel.

That’s the promise of the luxed-out Four Seasons Private Jet Experience, booking now for next year.

Essentially, the Jet Experience brings what’s good on the ground — the Four Seasons’ five-star accommodations, amenities and service — into the air, as part of a three-week global jaunt of extravagance.

First up on your journey: you’ll board a fully loaded 757, featuring just 52 comfy flatbed seats (emphasis on bed).

Free booze, wi-fi and your own RIMOWA carry-on included.

Tagging along for the ride: a professional chef and photographer, three travel managers, a dedicated luggage handler, guest services manager and a full-time concierge.

You’ll follow one of three itineraries, hopping between Four Seasons resorts around the globe.

Hawaii. Mumbai. Bali. Those sorts of places.

At each stop, you’ll be ferried between jungle safaris, volcano helicopter tours, private tours of landmarks (say, Gandhi’s former residence, or the Sydney Opera House) and assorted beachside dinners and cocktail cruises.

That traveling concierges? They’ll get you pretty much anything you want, be it golf outing, concert or spa treatment.

Probably not a better flight, though.


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