All-You-Can-Fly Business Class to Paris, Anyone?

La Compagnie announces an unlimited transatlantic flight pass

September 14, 2017 9:00 am

Fact: this flight deal isn’t for everyone. But if you were looking for a shortcut to a supremely jetset experience, this is one excellent way of doing it. 

La Compagnie only flies one route (with two planes): New York to Paris and back. It’s a solid situaiton, though: all-business class, with tidy boarding and deplaning, a great lounge, and more bells ‘n’ whistles. So, the deal? Pony up $40K, and you can grab one of the airline’s 10 all-you-can-fly annual passes

Now, the math: You’d need to fly back and forth at least once a month to get your money back, but if you’re a timeworn exec with more wanderlust than earthly commitments (or maybe just a man with a French girlfriend), this could be a dream come true. Parisian real estate is notoriously inexpensive by U.S. coastal standards — a one-bedroom in San Francisco might cost four times a similar spot in central Paris. After all, these are the people who invented the pied-a-terre — and a motivated renter could easily find one on the market for under $150K. Buy it, Airbnb it, stay there one week (or weekend) a month. Why not? La vie, as they say, is short — might as well enjoy it. 


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