JetBlue’s $39 Flights Are Less Than Last Night’s Dinner Bill

Meanwhile, Frontier Airlines does one better with $29 flights

August 1, 2017 9:00 am

You’re probably as burned out on fare sales as we are at this point, since there’s another one every other week. Resist the urge, though — this one’s good.

How about $159 to Havana from New York? How is that even possible? 

That’s just one of the extremely reasonable fares available for fall travel through JetBlue. There’s the bonkers $39 fare from Long Beach to Reno, but New York City readers will want to pay special attention here — other extremely good deals include Savannah at $89, Fort Lauderdale at $84, and Portland at $164. 

Let’s face it: New York City in August is a marvelous, seething, steamy mess of a wonderland, but it’s going to get cold and dark again soon enough, and at that point it will be quite nice to have tickets to somewhere warm and beautiful and/or dedicated to the art of drinking artisanal beers around redwood bars. 

We’re not leaving out the rest of the country, because Frontier has its own, competing fare sale going on, with plenty of departures from the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states. Denver to SLC, anyone? Indianapolis to Orlando? Cincinnati to Atlanta?

All of those will cost you $29. 

Come on — last night’s Seamless was more than that. 


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