Delta Devises Plan to Make Everyone Hate Each Other in Business Class

Forced interaction with fellow passengers? Blasphemy!

April 20, 2017 9:00 am

We don’t know how you like to spend your time on an airplane. 

Our top choice: staring out the window. Number two: sleeping. Number three: watching every movie we didn’t want to pay for when they were in theaters. Number four: doing absolutely nothing. 

Very far done on that list — like the absolute zero of things we want to do on an airplane — is talk to anyone. Not everyone, though, agrees with this approach. Take, for example, Delta. Apparently your free time would be better spent making connections: vis-à-vis their Innovation Class program, an application-only genus that *might* grant you the chance to sit beside an industry leader. You can also use an app like Here on Biz to network during any possible downtime you might experience while flying or conferencing. 

Here’s our vote: Do none of this. Take a nap. 

It’s the pursuit of happiness — not the pursuit of excessive LinkedIn connections. 

We don’t need to monetize every moment of our lives. 


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