The Best Umbrellas to Keep You Dry This Spring

April showers are here. These five brands will help you weather them with ease.

April 4, 2023 10:53 am
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Umbrellas tend to be an afterthought. They’re the kind of products most of us forget about until we’re in dire need. You might run into the closest convenience store and desperately grab anything that could make trudging through the rain even a bit more bearable. Those cheap and quick umbrella options can last for a rainstorm or two. But it won’t be long until they break. Now you’re back to square one: stuck in a storm with no umbrella. 

You deserve better. Something that keeps you dry. Something that’s easy to open, close and carry. Something that can handle a hefty gust of wind without threatening its structural integrity. 

Investing in a great umbrella should help you save money (no more spur-of-the-moment corner store purchases). More importantly, it gives you peace of mind that you’re taken care of no matter the weather. To help you find the perfect umbrella for your rainy-day needs, we’ve rounded up five durable and dependable umbrellas that will keep you dry. 

Best overall: Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella
Best budget: Amazon Basics Automatic Travel Small Compact Umbrella
Best splurge: DAVEK ELITE Classic Umbrella
Best wind resistance: Blunt Metro Umbrella
Best coverage: Weatherman The 68 Golf Umbrella

Things to consider

Weight: Carrying a heavy umbrella is the last thing we want to do on a rainy day. Whether stuffed in your backpack or held over your head, a heavy umbrella can become uncomfortable. We’d recommend going for something that’s two pounds or less, but what you feel comfortable carrying comes down to personal preference. We prioritized lightweight picks throughout this piece. 

Coverage: Umbrella coverage refers to how much area the canopy covers. The umbrella is usually measured in diameter, and that’s how we’ll measure it throughout this piece. The higher the diameter, the more coverage the umbrella provides. All of the umbrellas on this list have a diameter of 37 inches or above. Anything less than 37 inches will likely feel cramped for the average adult, so we don’t recommend going below that.

Straight vs Folding: Straight umbrellas are non-collapsible, while folding umbrellas collapse to become a more compact product. Straight umbrellas offer a more traditional, old-school feel and often have larger diameters which means more coverage. But, they’re often heavier and harder to lug around than their folding counterparts. Folding umbrellas win on their portability but may be more likely to break or malfunction due to the multiple moving parts. Most of the options on this list are folding umbrellas, as they tend to be more popular, but what you choose depends on your lifestyle and preferences. 

Best overall

Price: $30 / Weight: 1 lb / Coverage: 37 inches
Heavy-duty features, thoughtful design and an affordable price make the Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella our top pick. The canopy is wide enough to protect you from the elements and is coated in Teflon, so precipitation slides right off the surface. It folds down to 11.5 inches, is small enough to fit in a bag or glove compartment, and is lightweight at just about a pound. The canopy is lined with nine fiberglass ribs which flex with and thus help resist the wind. An automatic open/close function makes it easy to run outside or back inside without worrying about your umbrella getting stuck and getting yourself drenched. The lifetime warranty is just the cherry on top.

Best budget

Price: $18 / Weight: .81 lbs / Coverage: 38 inches
This AmazonBasics umbrella is a budget-friendly option with a soft handle and wrist strap, making toting it around a breeze. It has a button closure for easy opening and closing. When fully closed, it clocks in at just 11 inches long and less than one pound, so you can store it just about anywhere. What gives this umbrella the edge against similar budget picks is the unique wind vent design. A small wind vent in the canopy allows air to pass through, making it harder for gusts of wind to flip the umbrella.

Best splurge

Price: $159  / Weight: 1.9 lbs / Coverage: 44 inches
The Davek Elite is a sleek iteration of the classic cane umbrella, and it’s thoughtfully constructed with top-of-the-line materials. A supple leather handle and sturdy fiberglass shaft make for easy holding, while the flexible fiberglass frame ensures the ribs don’t invert at the first sign of wind. The canopy is roomy enough to fit a friend too. The only real con we can think of with this umbrella is the price. To make that $159 a bit easier to swallow, know that Davek offers a lifetime guarantee should your umbrella ever break. It also comes with loss protection, which allows you to buy a replacement for 50% off should you ever misplace your first one.

Best wind resistance

Price: $89 / Weight: .8 pounds / Coverage: 39 inches
The Blunt Metro is engineered with innovative features to shield you from serious wind conditions. The aerodynamic canopy has ribs like a usual umbrella but is reinforced with extra hardware to support the structure. In less technical speak, this thing is strong. The umbrella has been tested in extreme weather conditions and can withstand gusts of wind up to 70/mph. The shallow canopy has scalloped edges that add a sleek look and ensure you won’t poke any strangers while walking down the street, making this an excellent pick for city folks.

Best coverage

Price: $89 / Weight: N/A / Coverage: 55 inches
Golf umbrellas are specifically designed to help you weather the elements during a long day on the course, but the design bodes well for anyone watching any sports from the sidelines too. The Weatherman has the roomiest canopy on this list at 55 inches wide. It provides plenty of shade and keeps you dry. The canopy is supported by industrial-strength fiberglass and can withstand winds up to 55 mph. The canopy material boasts UPF 50+ protection to protect you from the sun’s rays. The reflective trim around the umbrella means you’ll be visible even when it’s dark. Inside the canopy, there’s a small silicone rib where you can hang a towel and a handy mesh pocket for easy storage. If you need a substantial umbrella with great coverage, this is a no-brainer.


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