These Are the Best New Airport Amenities That Debuted in 2022

A 28-pound therapy bunny? Yes, please.

Airport Concourse

Last year was a big year for travel…and also for airports where the customer experience reigns supreme. And we’re not talking exclusively about that 25-foot-tall indoor fountain/New York-themed light show.

From yoga studios, nap pods and movie theaters, to shot bars, museums and even theme parks — there are no shortages of ways to spend your layovers these days. Further, airports appear to be committed as ever to growing their offerings…even if those offerings do sometimes err on the side of a little strange. Like, is it imperative to have access to a butterfly garden in an airport? (Trick question, the answer is yes.)

But, by and large, most of the amenities that were debuted at airports over the course of the last year — at least in the continental U.S. — do seem to fill some semblance of a need. Even if that need includes taking a selfie with a 21-foot-tall sculpture of a pink flamingo. Or drinking a beer.

Below, the best new — and, somewhat functional — amenities to crop up in 2022, according to The Points Guy:

  • A 28-pound bunny named Alex the Great, which joined a pig and a dozen or so dogs in the Wag Brigade pet therapy program at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).
  • A new bar called Juliett, which honors women in aviation, at Portland International Airport (PDX).
  • A 33-foot-long mock aircraft cabin at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), which serves as a place for those with sensory, physical or cognitive disabilities, or just general fear of flying, to build confidence.
  • Events at the outdoor public space at Denver International Airport (DEN), which included free miniature golf course in the summer and, now, free ice skating.
  • Mental health monitors at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT).
  • A giant, 21-foot-tall sculpture of a pink flamingo at Tampa International Airport (TPA).
  • A winter coat check service at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE).
  • Limited-edition beers brewed with “purified water reclaimed from the drippings of air conditioning units attached to jet bridges” at San Diego International Airport (SAN).
  • An “an innovative” all-gender restroom suite at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), which earned it a nomination for America’s Best Restroom 2022.
  • And, lastly, a“Kindness Takes Flight” team at Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO), whose job it was briefly to administer free compliments to travelers and other airport employees.

Now please excuse us while we book our flights to SFO.


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