Airstream’s Newest Trailer Is Designed to Take Your Home Office on the Road

Meet the Flying Cloud 30FB Office

Airstream exterior
Airstream's new trailer includes a dedicated home office space.

In the last year, plenty of Americans have discovered that they enjoy working from home. During the same period of time, more than a few also embraced RV life, with a boom in sales that coincided with the pandemic. What happens when these two trends converge? You might end up with something that looks very similar to Airstream’s latest offering — a trailer that is effectively a home office on wheels. 

The new model from Airstream, the Flying Cloud 30FB Office, takes its cue from the shifting home-office landscape of the last year. Its layout was informed by feedback about the way some current Airstream owners set up office spaces in their trailers during the pandemic. 

“We learned a lot — not only about the necessity of connectivity and options for increased power, but about the joy of closing your laptop and stepping out onto the trail,” says Airstream President and CEO Bob Wheeler. “They’d found a seamless transition between work and play and travel, and we wanted to find a way to bring the unique freedom of this work from anywhere lifestyle to the community, as well as to new audiences.”

Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office
Inside the Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office.

The new iteration of the Flying Cloud is essentially a modified Flying Cloud 30FB Corner Bunk, with one of the sleeping spaces swapped out with an office area complete with a desk, panoramic windows, blackout curtains and drawer storage. 

Airstream’s VP of sales, Justin Humphreys, notes that the change is small but significant. “This new unit makes a small change to an already excellent floor plan, and it transforms the way you can use your Airstream,” he says. “It gives you even more flexibility to get outdoors, spend time with family, and stay connected to your work.”

Based on the pictures of the new Flying Cloud, the office area certainly looks cozy — though the idea of setting up a laptop by a set of windows with a view of a national park or scenic vista is definitely enticing. The price of the new Flying Cloud isn’t cheap — $107,500 — but it’s not hard to see the appeal of having a new office view each and every day. 

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