Airbnb Is Now Operating Adventure Tours

Malibu surf camp or Alaskan dogsledding?

Airbnb Is Now Operating Adventure Tours

Airbnb has taken its share of heat lately. A contingent of cities across the globe are actively working to limit home sharing, and cities that are all for home sharing have recently been flooded with a litany of other (often hipper) options.

But Airbnb has size on its side. The community it’s established over the last decade is absolutely massive. Take a look at these stats:

  • Airbnb has over 150 million users
  • It claims listings in over 190 countries
  • On any given night, over 2 million people go to sleep in an Airbnb
  • By 2020, Airbnb’s revenue is expected to hit $8.5 billion

Airbnb is doing so well because it leverages the community it’s built, and it’s willing to adapt in doing so. Earlier in the year, it launched Airbnb Luxe, a stable of stays that look mighty like hotel villas if you squint, with all the amenities to match. And just this week, Airbnb launched Airbnb Adventures, a move that ostensibly makes the brand a tour operator.

Airbnb Adventures runs with the Airbnb Experiences concept (which launched in 2016) and turns meetings between guests and experts into overnight stays. Instead of heading to Malibu for one surf lesson on a Wednesday afternoon, you’ll now be able to surf over two days, plus hike the Santa Monica Mountains, and camp in a vineyard. There are a ton of sweet trips immediately available for booking in North America, from learning island survival skills in Puerto Rico to rafting expeditions in the Yukon. Some trips are 10 days, others just two, but all are headed by real experts, either operating individually or with local tour operators.

In that way, Airbnb doesn’t ostracize or piss off groups that have already been leading trips in certain regions. It actually provides them with another platform to pedal their service, while lending Airbnb a sense of legitimacy. After all, you don’t want to end up paying $725 to spend two nights with Kevin just because he lives down the road from Yellowstone.

We recommend waiting a bit for Airbnb Adventures to grow into its own. Newcomers to the trip-planning sphere might be a little green, and it’s better to let online reviews reach double digits before booking anything these days. When you do book, be sure to check out what is included on each trip. For some, you may have to bring your own equipment. And you’ll want to double check what your accommodations will be, as, in typical Airbnb form, they vary from tents to mansions.

To peruse Airbnb Adventures for yourself, head here.


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