These Are the Most Affordable 5-Star Hotels on Every Continent

One of them starts at a gobsmacking $28 per night

Novotel Ahmedabad Hotel
Novotel Ahmedabad Hotel
Novotel Hotels and Resorts

“Five-star” and “affordable” are, as a general rule of thumb, mutually exclusive terms. Rather, when you think about staying at a five-star resort or hotel, you typically think of opulent accommodations, fine dining, premium facilities, top-notch service and, invariably, an exorbitant bill to match. But as fate would have it, there are actually more than a handful of notable exceptions to that rule.

According to a new report from financial insights hub Top Dollar, the cheapest five-star hotel in the world, located in Ahmedabad, India, boasts rates as low as $28 a night for a room for two. It’s not the only of its kind, either.

While there is technically no standard rating system for hotels, properties generally earn five-stars by offering — first and foremost — superior service coupled with luxurious accommodations. According to The Points Guy, awards stars based on a set of  hospitality standards outlined by the Automobile Association, which “grants five stars to hotels that provide luxurious accommodation and public areas, a range of extra facilities, multilingual services, greetings to every guest at the hotel entrance and high-quality menu and wine list.”

The folks over at Top Dollar then canvassed to determine the cheapest five-star accommodations in every country for a single night stay in July 2021 for two guests.

While you’ll have to look at their full report for a complete rundown, these are the best deals to be had on each continent, excluding Antarctica:

And if you thought you needed to travel internationally to score one of these deals? Think again. The  ADERO Scottsdale in Phoenix touts rates starting at just $224 a night. A little pricier than the aforementioned, sure, but surely still exponentially less than one would expect from a five-star property.


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