Scare Tactics

March 15, 2013 9:00 am

Because camping in the woods wasn’t terrifying enough, there’s this:

The Great Horror Campout, LA’s first ever overnight scare-fest, set in Los Angeles Historic State Park, with tickets scheduled to go on sale today.

Basically, this is what camping with Wes Craven would be like. 

Run by the sickos behind LA’s Haunted Hayride, the Campout is a 12-hour “Hell Hunt” to find “items” throughout the wooded hills.

Each camper is assigned to a four-person tent and given a dossier that describes the Campout’s backstory, the Hunt’s tasks, the camp site’s various zones and the creatures that dwell therein.

As the Campout’s gonzo organizers explain, the Hunt will have you “bathing in the blood of a ‘Pope Lick,’ partaking in a sacrificial voodoo ritual, digging through road kill amongst ‘Beasts of Bray’ and more.”

The rules of the Hunt, announced Hunger Games-style by loudspeakers, can change at anytime.

But no matter what you’ll likely be “forcibly handled,” meaning you should stay away if you have a heart condition or fear being groped by latex gloves (Hey Howie Mandel, this is for you!).

If that sounds too scary, the Campout offers non-participatory options, including bonfire horror movies and roasting marshallows — “unsettling, but in the safe zone,” they say.

Tickets are due to be on sale today here. For updates, follow Great Horror Campout on Facebook.

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