Club Scouts

March 22, 2013 9:00 am

Cheers to country clubs – the manicured lawns. The tony clubhouses. The complete lack of naturally occuring anything.

Until now. Introducing the LA River Regatta Club, a members-only concern that promotes river experiences along a stretch of the LA River that will open this summer

Brought to you by the LA River Revitalization Corporation, the Regatta Club was founded to educate the community on the benefits of river restoration.

How? By throwing parties. And also hosting elaborate adventures along the river.

To wit: kayak trips through the Glendale Narrows, biking adventures to the Dry River Brewing Company and the Green Bar Collective, and tickets to the Bike-In Movie Theater, a nearly-Kickstarted outdoor cinema opening this summer behind an old glass factory in Elsyian Park.

Simply join, then choose a membership ranging from Commodore (unlimited access) to Skipper (access to three annual events).

And then enjoy LA, and the river that runs through it.

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