This Week’s “SNL” Showed the Weirder Side of Testosterone Pills

Willem Dafoe's stealth comic energy was well-used

Willem Dafoe

The issue of declining testosterone levels is something that’s concerned many men over a certain age. That may well be compounded for those men who are frequent television viewers and see ads with former professional athletes touting certain supplements. And if you’ve read all of this and thought that this sounds like a target ripe for satire, you’d be spot-on.

This weekend’s Saturday Night Live featured a sketch parodying a Nugenix commercial — in this case featuring Frank Thomas (Kenan Thompson) and Doug Flutie (Kyle Mooney) sharing some advice with a man somewhat concerned about the effects of aging on his body. Soon enough, Thomas and Flutie were joined by Willem Dafoe, and from there, things got weird — albeit amusingly so.

Both Thompson and Mooney’s tendencies towards oversharing were entertaining to behold, as was Dafoe’s entire comic persona. There was a running gag about people believing he was British, which paid off well throughout. And the presence of Mikey Day and Melissa Villaseñor made for a good dynamic throughout the sketch.

Dafoe is underrated as a comic actor, and his portrayal of a funhouse version of himself here was both charming and hilarious. And the sketch went to some deeply odd places, from the oversharing early on to a memorable use of sound effects much later. It’s further evidence that weird SNL is the best SNL.

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