What’s the Most Binge-Watched Show in Your State?

1990s NBC sitcoms are huge in Idaho

Game of Thrones
The end of "Game of Thrones" means the end of subscribing to HBO for many. (HBO)

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Do you and your neighbor have similar shows you like to binge on?

A recent Geek.com survey revealed the most binge-watched shows in the U.S. in a state-by-state breakdown.

Unsurprisingly, Game of Thrones was the most binged show in the country. Claiming the stop spot in eight states including California, Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington and Wyoming, it seems GoT remains one of the only things holding this nation together.

Other top picks included The OfficeOzark and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which all received multi-state nods throughout the U.S. Grace and Frankie, the most-binged show in New Hampshire and Minnesota, rounded out the top five.

More surprising entries on the list included the Hallmark Channel’s formerly Lori Loughlin-starring When the Heart Calls, which Utah named its binge-watching drug of choice. Meanwhile, Alaska was alone in tapping Wentworth, an Australian prison drama, as its most-binged show.

The survey also dug up some interesting data on binge-watching genre preferences. According to the report, almost half of respondents preferred comedy shows, while only 11.3 percent of binge-watchers were down for a horror marathon. Meanwhile Alaska, Hawaii, North Carolina and Utah reportedly live for drama. Law & Order is huge in New Mexico, Riverdale is big in Mississippi, while people in Montana and Idaho really enjoy 1990s NBC “Must See TV.” Friends is the show people in those respective states love to plop down and watch for a few hours at a time.

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