This Week’s “SNL” Had Some Things to Say About Wellness

Don't try this at home

SNL "Wellness" sketch
Please Don't Destroy took on wellness in a new "SNL" sketch.

Last week’s Saturday Night Live saw the on-camera return of Please Don’t Destroy in a sketch that took them out of the office that provided the setting for many of their sketches last season. This week they were back there on more familiar terrain — essentially, the three members following a trend to its logical (and absurd) conclusion. Last season, it was hard seltzer; this time out, it’s wellness.

Admittedly, the wellness approaches demonstrated here are probably not ones you should try in your own weekly routine — like, say, a gym where smoking is encouraged, or intermittent sleeping. And if your wellness routine causes steady hallucinations, it goes without saying that you should find a different routine.

Like the group’s (non-SNL) sketch about the Dumbreka vaccine, this one also skirts the edges of body horror with some very unsettling prosthetic teeth. The PDD writers’ room format does have its formulaic aspects, but this sketch shows that it can still venture to some unexpected places.

It also begs the question: how long before someone starts making Cigarette Fitness shirts?

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