On “SNL,” Please Don’t Destroy Imagine a COVID Variant That Isn’t Terrible

Plus, a Paul Rudd cameo

Please Don't Destroy COVID variant sketch
Please Don't Destroy riffed on the pandemic in a new sketch.

The last two years of COVID-19 have included the evolution of numerous variants, which largely fall into one of two categories: more severe or more contagious. (To say nothing of the variants that are both.) It’s an ominous time to be alive, and even the CDC’s revised guidelines are designed to be ramped up for the (probably inevitable) moment when yet another unsettling variant makes its presence known.

But what if that variant wasn’t awful in some new way? What if the pandemic mutated in some way that was…kind of nice? That’s the premise of Please Don’t Destroy’s latest video for Saturday Night Live. As a news anchor played by John Mulaney explains, this new variant has “mutated so hard it’s actually good.”

Good, you say? “It doesn’t make you sick,” he adds. “It just makes you feel dope.”

And then Paul Rudd shows up to extol the benefits of the Gelvini variant, and things escalate from there. The sketch feels like something of a followup to Please Don’t Destroy’s “Dumbreka vaccine” sketch from last year. But there’s also a bittersweet element to it; we do not, sadly, live in a world where the CDC advises us to spend more time in clubs and celebrities randomly show up with giant sandwiches. But it would fantastic if we did.

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