This Week’s “SNL” Explained NFTs With a Song

It's an Eminem parody no one saw coming

"SNL" offered a musical ode to NFTs this week.

Late last year, Saturday Night Live aired a sketch called “Stu.” It starred Pete Davidson and was a scene-for-scene parody of Eminem’s “Stan” video; here, though, the title character was writing Santa Claus ominous letters about his desire for a PS5. This week, the show returned to the trifecta of Pete Davidson in an Eminem parody — in this case, “Without Me” — focusing on technology. This time out, though, the focus was on NFTs.

The running joke of the sketch is that no one’s entirely sure what NFTs are — including an economics professor (Kyle Mooney) and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (Kate McKinnon). Here, Davidson was joined by Chris Redd and Jack Harlow, along with a rapid-fire array of bizarre and memeable images.

To be fair, I have no idea if some of the images here, including a slam-dunking Peter Griffin and a twerking Thanos, are actually tradeable NFTs or something the sketch’s writers made up — which is probably the point. And while I’m not sure if anyone expected another “Davidson as Eminem” sketch to crop up this season, it worked far better than one might expect.

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