For Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon, the Political Is Personal

As the new season begins, Vanity Fair pulls the curtain back on SNL’s brightest star.

September 30, 2017 5:00 am

Emmy-winning Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon sat down with Vanity Fair for their November 2017 cover story, discussing the show’s historic 42nd season, the premiere of its 43rd, and how its politics unite the country at the same time as they divide it.

“There’s something empathetic about her characters,” Lorne Michaels told Vanity Fair. “ Although the writing might not be kind, she is. That’s her genius.”

Of note is McKinnon’s portrayal of former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton; although she isn’t the sketch comedy show’s only “Hillary,” her portrayal skyrocketed her from relatively well-known to very famous. And it’s clear that the character was something McKinnon didn’t leave at the studio.

“On a personal note I want to say thank you to Hillary Clinton for your grace and grit,” McKinnon said in her recent Emmy acceptance speech for best supporting actress in a comedy series. In the Vanity Fair interview, she says little else about Clinton except that “she has great timing” — not because she doesn’t have anything else to say, but because “she gets too overwhelmed to say it.”

SNL’s new season premiere on Saturday, Sept. 30, is hosted by Ryan Gosling and features musical guest Jay-Z. Take a look at McKinnon’s shared sketch with the real Hillary Clinton below.

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