Writer’s Block Goes to Strange Places on a New “SNL”

A memorable collaboration between Lizzo and Please Don't Destroy

Lizzo on "SNL"
Lizzo and Please Don't Destroy on "SNL."

What happens when Saturday Night Live‘s host and musical guest turn out to be — cue ominous music — the same person? In the last few years, at least, the results have been pretty good. Billie Eilish’s episode as host worked well, and Adele’s guest host-only episode featured one of the show’s most bizarre and inspired sketches. This week, it was Lizzo’s turn to show off both her comedic and her musical skills — which, in a very meta touch, served as the premise for one of the evening’s sketches.

The sketch paired her with Please Don’t Destroy, and the premise was simple: she was grappling with writer’s block, and needed assistance writing two new songs in the span of around ten minutes.

The escalating tension — including an unexpected reference to a beloved television series and the revelation that one of SNL‘s cast members might be a serial killer — works well, and Lizzo’s energy meshes well with the Please Don’t Destroy trio. And it does an excellent job of working from an understandable premise — writer’s block — and taking it to increasingly bizarre places. Where does it end up? You’ll just have to watch it and see.

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