Hard seltzer sketch
Please Don't Destroy took on hard seltzer on "SNL."

Hard Seltzer Is Literally Everywhere on This Week’s “SNL”

White Claw was just the beginning

It might seem hard to believe, but there was once a time when hard seltzer wasn’t everywhere. But with more and more companies getting into making it — and a sizable expansion in the number of flavors available — it’s not hard to get the idea that it’s rapidly becoming ubiquitous. There are certainly some interesting aspects of that, like a growing homebrewing component — but there’s also something very surreal about the fact that (to cite one example) pumpkin spice hard seltzer is a thing that exists.

All of which suggests that hard seltzer is ripe for comedy. And on this week’s Saturday Night Live, the comedy group Please Don’t Destroy offered their own take on hard seltzer expanding to unexpected places. Like, say, JCPenney. You might wonder what a menswear-themed hard seltzer would taste like. Well, wonder no more.

The sketch does go on to explore some of the ramifications of a clothing company branching out into hard seltzer — in other words, be careful which flavor you select from a variety pack. For its willingness to run with the concept to its logical end point, it at times recalls SNL‘s “Shimmer Floor Wax” sketch — which is not a bad place to be at all, comedically speaking.


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