This Week’s “SNL” Offers a Crash Course in “Delveying”

It has its benefits and its drawbacks

"SNL" explored the ups and downs of "Delveying."

Most of the time, the accepted takeaway of watching a tale of a high-profile scammer is a cautionary one — namely, ways in which you should not behave if you don’t want to find yourself in legal trouble and facing time in prison. But what about a scenario in which someone watching Inventing Anna decided that the moral of the story was to shout at people in an implausible accent until they give you what you want?

Last night’s Saturday Night Live provided exactly that, as Chloe Fineman discovers the benefits and horrors of “Delveying.” What does that consist of? Largely insulting people in an accept that’s simultaneously German and Russian, calling Kyle Mooney “little boy” and invoking an absent Lorne Michaels.

It’s not hard to see where it’s all headed, but Fineman’s gloriously absurd accent is reliably hilarious, and the things she does in the sketch — from getting a free sandwich to taking over Weekend Update — escalate in a comedically satisfying manner. And if there’s any justice, “Delveying” will enter the lexicon from this point forward.

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