Watch “Saturday Night Live” Show an Awkward Airbnb Experience Under Quarantine

Featuring inspired work by Chloe Fineman

SNL AirBnb sketch
"Saturday Night Live" offered a vision of an AirBnB stay gone very wrong.

Saturday Night Live presented its second episode filmed remotely this week. As was the case with the prior “At Home” episode, plenty of the sketches included nods to the ongoing quarantine experienced by many across the country. As was also the case with the previous “At Home” episode, a couple of high-profile guest stars showed up — including Brad Pitt (playing Dr. Anthony Fauci for the episode’s opening segment) and Paul Rudd.

One of the episode’s highlights came via a sketch in which Chloe Fineman played both Natalie, an increasingly frustrated AirBnb host, and her guest Ooli, a Swedish raver with a penchant for destroying kitchenware and wearing stickers in bizarre places on her body.

Fineman has a penchant for playing distinct and memorable characters; putting two of them into the same sketch made for slow-burn comedy at its finest. Take two people who would be oddly matched at the best of times; then, trap them in a house together. Hilarity does, in fact, ensue.

What happens when you get the worst AirBnb guest possible and they end up staying for over a month due to quarantining? This sketch offers one answer. Though it may leave some wondering just what “Swedish black market currency” actually is.

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