Pete Davidson Paid Musical Tribute to Staten Island on a New “SNL”

Pizza shops, mini-golf and hard seltzer

"SNL" on Staten Island
"SNL" paid tribute to Staten Island last night.

Before the current season of Saturday Night Live began, if you’d predicted that among the season’s highlights would be a number of musical sketches featuring Pete Davidson, you’d probably have gotten some stares. And yet here were are in late November, and two of the season’s most memorable moments have been “Squid Game” and “Three Sad Virgins,” Davidson’s collaboration with Please Don’t Destroy and Taylor Swift.

All of which made last night’s “Walking in Staten” — a Davidson-centric parody of/homage to Mark Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis” — feel less like an outlier and more like an inevitable next step. Especially when Cohn himself made an appearance.

Cohn makes an appearance here, but he’s not the only musician to do so — to excellent effect. Overall, the sketch is both a spot-on and affectionate homage to the borough in question. And it doesn’t hurt matters that the reference to the Staten Island Zoo brings back memories of some of the show’s most bizarre sketches in recent memory.

Will this make you want to hop on board the Staten Island Ferry? That’s unclear. But it does some from a place of love, and sometimes that’s enough.

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