Change Is In Store for the Next Season of “Jeopardy!”

It has to do with the Tournament of Champions

Ike Barinholtz, Iliza Shlesinger and Simu Liu in the semifinal round of Celebrity Jeopardy!
ABC via Getty Images

It’s been a time of change for the beloved game show Jeopardy!, with new hosts being one of the biggest indications of the show’s evolution over time. That’s not the only way the show is changing things up, however. It’s now in its 39th season, which will conclude later this year. And when it comes time for its 40th year on the air, things will be a little bit different than they were before.

As reports, the show’s executive producers recently shared some changes in the works on an episode of the podcast Inside Jeopardy. The biggest of these relates to the show’s storied Tournament of Champions, which has traditionally kicked off several weeks into a season.

According to the comments made by the show’s producers, that will change in the upcoming season. Instead of beginning several weeks into the season, the Tournament of Champions will take place at the start of the season.

Given that the Tournament of Champions is grounds for much discussion — and offers viewers an opportunity to see the most knowledgeable contestants in a field of very knowledgeable people face off against one another — it makes sense to see it take a prime spot in a given season. As for how it will work in practice, we’ll have a sense of precisely that later on in the year.

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