Elizabeth Warren Met Kate McKinnon’s Elizabeth Warren on “Saturday Night Live”

Warren and "Warren" were featured in the show's cold open

Elizabeth Warrens on SNL
When Elizabeth Warrens collide...
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What happens when a real person meets their Saturday Night Live doppelgänger? It’s happened a few times over the years, including when the actual Janet Reno appeared during a Janet Reno’s Dance Party sketch and exchanged some banter with Will Ferrell, who was playing Reno.

Last night on Saturday Night Live, a similar moment took place during the show’s cold open. The premise: a parody of The Ingraham Angle, in which Kate McKinnon (playing host Laura Ingraham) interviewed a number of guests, including Jeanine Pirro (played by Cecily Strong) and Chris Matthews (played by Darrell Hammond).

The final guest? Elizabeth Warren — who was played by, well, Elizabeth Warren. She offered up some quips on a number of subjects, including her debate performance against Michael Bloomberg. “Not only did I not accept money from billionaires — I got to give one a swirlie on live TV!” Warren said.

For the sketch’s final moments, Warren was joined by McKinnon, who pulled off a lightning-fast costume change to don identical apparel, for some closing commentary to bring the sketch to a close. And from the look of things, Warren stuck around for the rest of the night.

Ah, to have been a fly on the wall for the inevitable Elizabeth Warren/Daniel Craig/The Weeknd backstage conversation. As the saying goes, name a more iconic trio.

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