What Will Dating Be Like After the Pandemic? “SNL” Has an Answer.

Kittens and knuckle tattoos play a part, apparently

SNL Dating sketch
A new "SNL" sketch illustrates dating after the pandemic.

For some hardy souls, the pandemic changed but didn’t curtail dating. For others, though, COVID-19 effectively paused things — leaving more than a few single people to wonder how they might handle dating after things return to something resembling normalcy.

This week’s Saturday Night Live took on that very topic in a sketch with Nick Jonas and Kate McKinnon as two people who meet in a bar and rapidly discover that the pandemic has caused their skills at flirting to atrophy in gloriously bizarre ways.

The sketch begins with a few jokes you might expect — an awkward pickup line about face mites being an early highlight. But things escalate from there, with punchlines built around everything from prison tattoos to an alternate version of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

As an added bonus, the sketch allowed McKinnon to make use of her dancing skills, which were also featured in the show’s To Have and Have Not sketch a few years ago. And an adorable kitten makes an appearance to boot. This sketch may well offer a glimpse of one dating future — or at least showcase what not to do when the country opens back up.

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