Like Him or Not, Andy Cohen’s New Year’s Eve Fit Was One for the Ages

Here's how you can get the look for yourself

Like Him or Not, Andy Cohen’s New Year’s Eve Fit Was One for the Ages
Andy Cohen/Instagram

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If you haven’t paid attention to the outrage and general hilarity surrounding Andy Cohen and the annual CNN ringing in of the new year, you’re missing out. You’d be hard pressed to find more eventful coverage than the media network’s broadcast. Hosted by Anderson Cooper and the aforementioned Cohen, the coverage, spurred by alcohol, Betty White, and the spirit of the year to come, devolved into a series of memorable moments, including Cooper short-circuiting post-tequila shot and, undoubtably the highlight of the night, the presumably-inebriated Bravo star ripping former mayor Bill de Blasio.

Even without the shock value of said outburst happening on live television, I’m floored. Not so much by the possibly inappropriate behavior of Cohen — that’s for you yourself to decide, and I’m inclined to let it slide — but because of his absolutely phenomenal get up.

Adorned in what appears to be a Todd Snyder Cashmere Turtleneck, checked dress pants and an extra-puffy beige jacket, Cohen is a sight to behold. It’s quite a visual, yes, but the whole ensemble works brilliantly. The typically subdued turtleneck style is brought to life by a bright pop of ceruleo blue, and the puffer-pants combo provides (both in palette and in fit) a refreshingly modern and flattering look. Bold but not tacky; smart-causal and weather appropriate — everything a party outfit should be.

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder Cashmere Turtleneck

As with any excellent ‘fit, there are questions to be asked. Was it a Cohen original, or a network stylist’s carefully crafted idea? Did Andy and Anderson — who, to his own credit, is dripped out in a Canada Goose parka — coordinate on the tie/turtleneck color? And where the hell can I find that jacket? We may never know the answers, but one thing is for certain: if you’re gonna get sloshed on TV, you should do it in cashmere.

Cohen, who suggested he was “a hair over-served” caught the ire of many at CNN for his remarks and general demeanor, so much so that it was reported he would not be invited back to host the annual event, which he’s hosted since 2017. But thank heavens, InsideHook has since confirmed with CNN that Cohen will indeed be returning to host next year’s New Years Eve celebrate. We can only rejoice. More ceruleo is never a bad thing.

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