Will Becca Longo Become the NFL’s First Female Player?

Scholarship college kicker is 18 years old and a top prospect already.

Two months ago, Becca Longo became the first female athlete to be awarded a Division II football scholarship to Adams State in Colorado.

Now, says Bleacher Report, her sights are set on something altogether more historic: the NFL.

As the sports publication notes, Longo’s not the first woman to play college football; kicker Liz Heaston played for Willamette University in the late ’90s and became the first woman to score in a college football game. But apparently Longo’s got a lot more talent in her foot—she’s hit from 50 yards and regularly converts from 45 yards.

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“If you can play football and you have determination, I don’t care what your gender is,” Timm Rosenbach, a former NFL quarterback and the head coach at Adams State, told Bleacher Report. “She’s got accuracy and … a powerful leg, which will only get stronger.”

And she’s got a personal trainer/coach, who has kicking in his bloodline—Alex Zendejas, who has four family members who’ve kicked in the NFL. Despite what some observers sitting on their couches might think, Zendejas tells Bleacher Report that “Kicking is like any other position in football in that it requires work and a tremendous amount of practice.”

Longo’s set to begin workouts at Adams in July.

Below, watch Longo clip the uprights on her last night in high school.


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