Trevor Bauer, Aubrey Huff and Curt Schilling Prove Why They All Suck

Trevor Bauer is active and dumb online. He recently fought with Aubrey Huff and Curt Schilling, two former players who are somehow worse.

Trevor Bauer
Trevor Bauer, possibly reacting to his own bad tweets
Getty Images

Baseball is back and nothing can temper the excitement — except for possibly the sport’s most Online assholes getting angry on Twitter. Here is a drama with a three-man cast: famous racist Curt Schilling, sex-trafficking advocate Aubrey Huff and Trevor Bauer, a seemingly urbane analytics-apostle who’s actually merely the Reddit to Schilling’s and Huff’s 4Chan.

 The Twitter beef kicked off when Huff, a former first baseman/right fielder who’s like if Stephen Miller grew up to be big and strong, took offense to Bauer’s tweets about the labor dispute between the owners and the players. Bauer—kindly taking time out of his busy schedule of climate change denial, bigotry and harrassing college-aged women—smugly engaged with Huff. From here, the feud devolved into a debate on the merits of advanced stats, with Bauer bragging that he has a higher WAR than Huff and Huff responding that baseball has been ruined by nerds and low-testerone cucks like Bauer; fellas, is it gay to know math? And, then failed video game developer Curt Schilling parachuted in, ready to defend Huff’s honor, before making a grammatical mistake, being racist and deleting his Twitter

The most inexplicable part of this whole fiasco is that all three men probably feel really good about themselves now. Bauer got the chance to pretend that he’s a genius for looking at numbers, never mind that he has the mental acuity of a Jordan Peterson Youtube comments section and got pulled in the first inning of an ALCS game because he cut his finger while playing with a drone; Huff got to advance his brand of being all red and mad on the internet, showing why he’s been banned from San Francisco Giant alumni events; Schilling remains undefeated at being the fucking worst. 

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