How O.J. Simpson Spent His First Months Out of Prison

Vanity Fair tracks Simpson as he reportedly lives on the $25,000 each month from his NFL pension.

O.J. Simpson
O.J. Simpson attends a parole hearing at Lovelock Correctional Center July 20, 2017 in Lovelock, Nevada. (Jason Bean-Pool/Getty Images)

O.J. Simpson’s life outside of prison has been typically bizarre, according to a Vanity Fair story.

After concluding his nine-year stint in Nevada’s Lovelock prison for a botched 2007 robbery attempt, OJ Simpson now faces alternating hatred and support as he walks through public space, and an unclear financial status. A successful 1997 civil suit brought by the Goldmans, the family of one of the two victims in the famous Simpson murder case, makes the family entitled to seize most of Simpson’s future earnings.

Exactly what financial shape Simpson is in remains unclear. Officially, Simpson gets $25,000 each month from his NFL pension, money which the Goldmans cannot seize. Simpson currently lives in a friend’s Las Vegas mansion, for which he pays nothing. Simpson’s associates claim that offers to bring Simpson back into the celebrity limelight are abundant.

“We get flooded with calls [with people saying] ‘We’ve got a $50 million deal for Simpson,’” Simpson’s attorney Malcolm LaVergne told Vanity Fair. LaVergne added that “He is ignoring them. He is a senior citizen, he is enjoying his life.”

This sentiment was contradicted by Miguel Pereira, Simpson’s bail bondsman, and former friend and L.A.P.D officer Ron Shipp, who both insisted that Simpson will chase these controversial money opportunities.

Simpson’s return to life outside of prison has also included a welcome home party with friends and family, countless photos taken with passersby, and an expulsion from the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s bar due to drunkenness, which Simpson and LaVergne deny.

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