How Are Supply Chain Problems Affecting the Sports World?

Issues everywhere, from pro gear to collectibles

Cargo ship
Plenty of industries have been affected by supply chain issues. Sports are no exception.
Ian Taylor/Unsplash

There are few industries right now where the effects of supply chain issues aren’t being felt. From bookstores to your local Starbucks, logistical issues are making things difficult when it comes to having ingredients and components on hand, as well as in terms of having a sense of when things will be back to something approaching normalcy.

Probably unsurprisingly, this is also the case in the world of sports — something affecting both professional teams’ stadium operations and people looking to buy new athletic footwear. And that’s just the beginning.

A recent article by Jacob Feldman at Sportico explored a number of different ways that supply chain issues have had an effect on sports. Major League Baseball’s postseason was one of the highest-profile events caught up in supply chain drama, with the postseason patches traditionally found on caps and uniforms a casualty of logistical issues around the globe.

Supply chain troubles have also left their mark on the collectibles market, with Sportico reporting that Upper Deck is dropping plans to release some NHL-related card sets this year and delaying others. And both Nike and Adidas are also seeing a backlog, due to what a Front Office Sports article terms “massive labor shortages in Vietnam related to the pandemic.” The article in question also cites an alarming statistic: factory closures in Vietnam might lead to the loss of 160 million pairs of shoes for Nike.

In the midst of a time when the status quo has already been repeatedly disrupted, the ongoing supply chain crisis offers yet another reminder that things are still a long way from normal.

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