Apparently Super Bowl Sunday Is a Big Day for Wedding Planning

For the soon-to-be-wed, the Super Bowl isn't all sports and snacks

engagement ring resting on football
For some, the Super Bowl is the perfect opportunity to get ahead on those wedding plans.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Super Bowl Sunday is many things to many people. For football fans, it is, first and foremost, the biggest sports event of the year. Non-sports fans may find a bigger draw in the often infamously bad commercials and elaborate halftime performances that break up the monotony of the football part, while others (Hi, nice to meet you) might just be there for the food and booze. Meanwhile, it seems still others turn to a different source of entertainment on football’s big day: wedding planning.

According to online wedding planning platforms The Knot and WeddingWire, Super Bowl Sunday is a big day for soon-to-be newlyweds to get cracking on their wedding to-do list. In recent years, both platforms have reportedly seen a significant uptick in new user sign-ups during the big game. Last year, The Knot saw a 17% spike in new couples joining the platform on Super Bowl Sunday compared to average membership numbers for the month, while WeddingWire saw a 19% membership increase on the company’s app.

So what exactly is it about game day that inspires engaged couples to get a jump on planning their upcoming nuptials? Apparently a lot of it’s in the timing. According to Sarah Hanlon, Assistant Digital Editor at The Knot, the months of November through February mark “engagement season,” which seems to be something of a more intense cuffing season sequel for couples ready to advance to the next level. Since the Super Bowl falls toward the end of question-popping season, “wedding planning is top of mind for plenty of newly-engaged couples,” Hanlon said in a press release.

Moreover, app-based wedding planning is something you can easily do from the comfort of your own couch while watching the game — or, as I suspect may be more likely, while desperately trying to ignore the game your partner insisted on watching. Either way, Hanlon said, “Super Bowl Sunday is an ideal time to work on the digital-heavy aspects of planning a wedding, like creating your registry, making your wedding website, allocating your budget, or scouring the Internet for style inspiration.”

While ignoring football games in favor of staring at my phone is certainly among my own favorite game-day activities, I did not get engaged this engagement season (nobody told me!), nor do I foresee spontaneously becoming engaged between now and Sunday, so I probably won’t be doing much wedding planning this Super Bowl Sunday. Rather, if anyone needs me, I’ll be drunk and elbow deep in some nachos.

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