The Appreciation for a Good Line Knows No Bounds, Not Even an Active Volcano

Watch these pro freeriders make it rain ash and rock

February 16, 2017 9:00 am

“They say that the Tanna people are the happiest in the world,” says professional snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue. He attributes the islanders’ happiness to their disconnection with the modern world.

He may have a point … but I’m no psychiatrist. However, I am sure their happiness may have something to do with not snowboarding down an active volcano.

Because that’s just plain nuts. And because that’s exactly with Xavier, his brother Victor and their amigo, pro skier Sam Smoothy, did for the North Face video, Sliding Fire.

“There’s lava right where we want to go skiing,” exclaims Sam.

“It rains rocks and ash on your face,” says Victor.

No kidding. It’s active. Also, it’s awesome. Watch the video on full screen because not only are these guys great athletes, it’s stunning footage, and be sure to to turn up the volume — Danny Fairley’s original score enhances the experience.

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