What is the Best Winter Olympics Sport to Watch?

The Ringer ranks events in Pyeongchang based on what makes for the best viewing experience.

winter olympics
An athlete practices during a speed skating training session at the Gangneung Oval Arena during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. (ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Images)
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Once every four years, during the Winter Olympics, athletes fly through the air, strap knives to their feet, dance on ice, and hurtle down mountains at speeds that could kill them. The Olympic Games are where heroes are created and lifelong dreams accomplished. But some viewers might not recognize some of the sports at the Games, so The Ringer put together a ranking of the viewing experience of the 15 winter Olympic sports:

15. Nordic Combined: Did cross-country skiing and ski jumping really need to be combined?

14. Cross-country skiing: “Cross-country skiing answers a question that never should’ve been asked: What if marathons added frostbite?” The Ringer writes.

13. Biathlon: The Ringer writes that the sole purpose of this event is to serve as a “reminder that no country should try to invade a Scandinavian country.”

12. Ski jumping: These people are literally flying through the air.

11. Luge: Luge is the fastest of the three sliding sports and there is an undeniable thrill that comes from watching sliders zoom through every turn.

10. Skeleton: People slid down the track (ice chute) headfirst on a small sled.

9. Alpine Skiing: People flying down hills at top, break-necking speeds.

8.Bobsled: It is kind of like watching four ridiculously accomplished athletes climb into a clown car.

7. Speedskating: It looks effortless and graceful, and though there are two people on the ice, the real enemy is the clock.

6. Snowboarding: The Ringer writes that “the greatest lie about the Olympics is that snowboarding is the coolest sport.”

5. Figure skating: Graceful, beautiful, and easy to judge while you sit on your couch.

4. Freestyle skiing: There is one competition under this category called aeirals skiing, which features one huge jump that allows skiers to flip and spin approximately 47,000 times.

3. Hockey: We should focus on the women’s tournament, featuring an awesome U.S. team.

2. Curling: Essentially Olympic Ice Shuffleboard — and the rules are easy enough for viewers to pick up on.

1. Short-track speedskating: By design, most races in the Winter Games feature only one competitor going at a time. But short-track speedskating is an exception, and it makes for a thrilling couple of minutes.

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