Prop Betting on Super Bowl Ads Can Almost Be a Sure Thing

Not betting on the game? Try betting on who will appear in a Doritios commercial.

Super Bowl LV field
An aerial view of Raymond James Stadium ahead of Super Bowl LV.
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

While the majority of the estimated $4.3 billion the American Gaming Association anticipates will be wagered on the Super Bowl by some 23 million Americans will be gambled on the outcome of the game itself or prop bets, a portion of the wagers on Super Sunday will be made on the big game’s pricey commercials.

Though it may be difficult to find a book that is accepting wagers on the ads that will air on CBS during Super Bowl LV, there are a number of bets on the board.

For example: Which actor will portray #FlatMatthew in a Doritos commercial?

  • Matt Damon +125
  • Matthew McConaughey +150
  • Matthew Broderick +350
  • Matthew Stafford +350
  • Matt Dillon +500
  • Matt LeBlanc +800
  • Matthew Perry +1000

As Sportico points out, from network executives to the production crew, there are a number of individuals who would know the answer to this question and be able to place a sure bet. (Apparently it is McConaughey as the Hollywood star was seen filming a Doritos ad in L.A. in December.)

“That it’s possible to bet on a Super Bowl ad is a bit like being given the green light to wager on the outcome of a scripted WWE wrestling match or the reenactment of a Civil War battle,” according to Sportico. “Even if Frito-Lay had kept the spot under wraps, presumably just about anyone from creative agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners who’d worked on the Doritos commercial would’ve been in a position to make a few extra bucks if they’d elected to tackle the Flat Matthew prop. (As would the executives at CBS and the NFL who pre-screen the in-game ads.)”

Also, the commercial is already out …

In somewhat of a meta twist, the Super Bowl will feature an ad about betting on the Super Bowl. Actually, two of ’em.

Per Ad Age, fantasy sports and sports betting giant DraftKings will air a pair of 15-second ads during the game that will show users how to sign up for the company’s fourth-quarter prediction pool.

The free-to-enter pools will give players the chance to make predictions on different props bets such as which team will score the final points of the game and whether or not someone will catch a pass that goes for more than 20 yards.

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