Still Banned From Baseball for Betting, Pete Rose Starts Gambling Podcast

MLB's all-time leader in hits will host "Pete Rose's Daily Picks" for Quake Media starting this week

Pete Rose visits the Fox Business Network Studios wearing a white Cincinnati Reds hat and a green checker shirt with a white collar
Pete Rose visits the Fox Business Network Studios in 2019 in NYC.
Steven Ferdman/Getty

Banned from baseball for life for betting on MLB games while managing the Reds, Pete Rose is further damaging his fading chances of making it into the Baseball Hall of Fame by starting a sports gambling podcast.

MLB’s all-time leader in hits will host Pete Rose’s Daily Picks for Quake Media starting this week. The show will release six episodes a week focused on wagering on all sports, not just baseball.

“I watch two or three baseball games a day,’’ Rose told USA Today Sports, “And it’s not just baseball. I watch all sports. I love sports. I know I can help people who want to wager on sports.”

Rose, 80, also somehow tried to suggest that offering advice on betting lines isn’t technically giving gambling tips.

“I know how it looks, and people will criticize, but it’s not gambling. It’s handicapping. I’m a handicapper,” he said. “Remember, it’s handicapping. That’s all. That goes on everywhere. All I’m doing is lending my expertise to people who want to bet.’’

Whatever Rose wants to call the subject of his new podcast, the fact he is launching it likely won’t help him with his chances of being reinstated by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. The former star has been banned from baseball for more than three decades after receiving a lifetime ban from the majors in 1989 after an investigation. It’s possible Rose has just accepted that his Cooperstown chances are moot at this point and is instead leaning into the behavior that got him booted from baseball.

“We are excited to partner with a living legend in the incomparable Pete Rose, and for the opportunity to launch Quake’s first sports podcast, Pete Rose’s Daily Picks,” said Quake Media CEO Doug Rosenberg. “Rose is undeniably one of the most iconic athletes and polarizing personalities in sports, and it’s exciting to have him back behind a microphone for Quake. We are nearing our one-year anniversary, and we are thrilled to expand into the sports space, where there is a voracious appetite for sports betting content.”

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