Before Opening Day, Get Your MLB Over/Under Win Totals Bets Here

All 30 teams are scheduled to play on Opening Day for the second straight year

March 27, 2024 8:28 am
A general view of the MLB logo in a dugout.
After two games in Korea, MLB's season begins in earnest on Thursday.
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You were probably too busy filling out your March Madness bracket to tune in, but Major League Baseball began its season last week in South Korea when the Los Angeles Dodgers took on the San Diego Padres in the two-game Seoul Series. In the brief set, which the teams split before heading back to the United States, the Dodgers and Padres combined to score a somewhat ridiculous 33 runs. There were fireworks (but no bombs) off of the diamond, and dual-threat superstar Shohei Ohtani became entangled in a scandal involving illegal offshore sports betting that has yet to be fully explained or resolved.

As an MLB player, Ohtani can’t wager on baseball even in states where it’s legal. Provided you live in or adjacent to one of those states and aren’t an MLB colleague of Ohtani’s, you face no such restrictions and can bet freely. To help you in advance of MLB’s official Opening Day tomorrow, we spoke with Caesars Sportsbook‘s MLB lead trader Eric Biggio about the over/under win totals of all 30 teams in pro baseball. Batter, er, bettor up.

American League East

Baltimore Orioles, Last Season: 101-61, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 90.5

There are a lot of different opinions here, which is what we want as bookmakers. We opened them 92.5, so it’s gotten bet down a little bit. It was bet down to 88.5 and then back up after the Corbin Burns trade. They amazingly exceeded our expectations two years. They’re stacked, their farm system is stacked and the missing piece was always that they needed the pitching. They’ve got their ace now with Burns. They’l definitely battle the Yankees for the AL East. Over.

Tampa Bay Rays, Last Season: 99-63, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 85

They’re not going to have Wander Franco this year. We opened at 87.5 and some sharps hit the under. I look at their roster and wonder how they are going to compete, but they keep rolling those bullpen arms at you. They just have surprises year after year. I’ve stopped doubting the Rays. Whatever it is, they do it correctly. Over.

Toronto Blue Jays, Last Season: 89-73, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 86

I’m not a believer in this rotation or the bullpen. Vladimir Guerreronseemed to peak a couple of years ago. I might be dead wrong, but I think he’s trending downward and the rest of the lineup I’m not crazy about, especially in that tough division. Under.

New York Yankees, Last Season: 82-80, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 91

They had a big offseason, and I think Juan Soto is going to be a great fit there. I think he’ll have a real bounce-back year, and he’s always played well in New York against the Mets. San Diego may have been a little too laidback for him. If they keep Aaron Judge healthy, this lineup is going to be tough. Injuries are going to be a huge factor, but I think they’ll have enough to be right there with the Orioles. Over.

Boston Red Sox, Last Season: 78-84, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 77.5

We opened them at 81.5, so there’s been a four-game shift here. It seems like everything turned south for them after they traded Mookie Betts in 2020. It’s too bad because they’ve got a strong fanbase and baseball’s always more interesting when they’re in the mix, but it’s been a downward spiral for them. The pitching’s a mess and I think closer Kenley Jansen is shaky. I don’t expect much, and it wouldn’t shock me if they win 74 or 75 games. Under.

American League Central

Minnesota Twins, Last Season: 87-65, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 85.5

We opened this at 86 and have not seen much movement at all. They haven’t made many moves other than trading their second baseman to the Mariners. So, no big moves, but they still have some pieces. If they can keep Carlos Correa healthy, it’ll be interesting. Brian Buxton is another one to watch. They’re the favorites to win a wide-open division. They’ll be interesting. Over.

Detroit Tigers, Last Season: 78-84, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 80.5

This is a team on the rise We opened at 76 and sharp bettors took them over. They’ve got Tarik Skubal getting a lot of hype as a potential AL Cy Young candidate. They’ve got Spencer Torkelson, Riley Green and some other good young hitters. The money is going to the over, but I don’t know. The depth of the rotation kind of concerns me. It wouldn’t surprise me if they have a strong year, but I don’t think they’re there just yet. Under.

Cleveland Guardians, Last Season: 76-86, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 79

We opened them at 77.5, so this has been bet up a bit, which is surprising because they didn’t really do anything in the offseason. They’ve always had good pitching, but never seem to spend. You’d figure if they spent a little bit, they’d be an absolute contender in that division, but they’re not. That being said, they’ve got some tough arms. If they get anything out of that lineup and keep Jose Ramirez healthy, I can see them beating the number. Over.

Chicago White Sox, Last Season: 61-101, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 62

This win total is the third-worst in the league. We opened at 66.5, and now it’s down to 62 after the Dylan Cease trade. That kind of sealed the deal that they’re in full sell-off mode. With a win total so low, we project them to lose 100 games. In that division, which isn’t the strongest, it’s going to take some effort to get to 100 losses. They still have some pieces and it wouldn’t surprise me if they win at least 70 games. Over.

Kansas City Royals, Last Season: 56-106, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 74.5

This may surprise you, but this is the biggest jump in win totals we’ve got. We opened at 63.5 back in November. An 11-game move is super strong, and they made some nice pickups. They’ve also got some kids in the system who are finally coming up, so the buzz is really positive around the Royals. Things are pointing up for them, they’re building in the right way and they’ve got some good pitching. Over.

American League West

Houston Astros, Last Season: 90-72, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 92.5

They seem to be in the ALCS almost every year, and one of our highest-profile bettors seems to bet them every year. I don’t see why they won’t be good again. The one area of concern is their pitching health. Justin Verlander’s currently hurt and Lance McCullers is still on the shelf. I think Josh Hader might be hurt, so I’m not sure about their pitching. I think the number is kind of high, especially with the pitching concerns. Under.

Texas Rangers, Last Season: 90-72, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 87 wins

We opened them at 91.5 and they’ve gotten bet down. They didn’t go crazy in the offseason after winning the World Series. They’re going to be missing Max Scherzer for a while, and I think they are really going to struggle with their pitching out of the gate. Their lineup is going to be great. Under.

Seattle Mariners, Last Season: 88-74, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 88

Lots of people are really bullish on them. Lots of people are going against them. Their rotation is fantastic. Their guys can really deal. The staff is going to carry them. I see them finishing above the Astros, honestly. I think they’ll hover around the 90-win mark. Over.

Los Angeles Angels, Last Season: 73-89, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 71.5

We opened them at 73.5. They’re perpetually an underachiever, even when they add big names like Anthony Rendon, who is now just an albatross of a contract. I don’t know if Mike Trout can get through a full season healthy and their pitching is poor. I don’t see a good season for them at all.

Oakland Athletics, Last Season: 50-112, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 58.5

We opened at 55, so there are incredibly low expectations for the future Las Vegas A’s. Sharp bettors don’t see them losing 100 games. I do see them losing 100 games, but they might be slightly better than last year. They have a little bit of talent and some young guys who can provide some pop. I see them landing at 60 wins. Over.

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National League East

Atlanta Braves, Last Season: 104-58, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 102

A lot is expected of them. I think they made a nice pickup with Chris Sale, and their lineup is stacked. It’s going to come down to injuries and if they can keep the staff healthy with Max Fried and those guys. So, yeah, we’ve seen some good two-way action on our total. It’s high. You have to have a real strong season to get 103 wins or above. That being said, I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t get to at least 100 wins. Under.

Philadelphia Phillies, Last Season: 90-72, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 89.5

This lineup is stacked. Kyle Schwarber, Bryce Harper, Nick Castellanos — these guys can mash up and down. They did the right thing in extending Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola. One area of concern is the bullpen. They’ll be right in the mix and I think they’ll definitely be in the playoffs, but that’ll bite them. Under.

Miami Marlins, Last Season: 84-78, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 76.5

The Marlins exceeded the expectations last year, but this a team where I don’t know if many recreational baseball fans would know many of their players. We opened 80 and saw this get bet down. Pitching is a concern, but they had a nice pickup with Jake Burger and Jazz Chisholm should be healthy. They’ve got some pieces, and I think they’ve got potential. Over.

New York Mets, Last Season: 75-87, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 81

I am a Mets fan, and I’m bullish on a few of their Bullpen acquisitions. I think it’s going to be really good. In today’s game, you can get through the first five innings and then hand off to your bullpen. Their lineup could be good if they stay healthy, but the rotation is five guys that are pretty much No. 4 starters. In this division, that’s gonna be tough. I see them landing right on the number. I think they’ll be a .500 ballclub. Push.

Washington Nationals, Last Season: 71-91, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 66.5

If you’re a Nats fan, I don’t see a lot of reason for enthusiasm. Rookie James Wood might be a player to watch, but the pitching is going to struggle and that division is going to beat them up. Under.

National League Central

Milwaukee Brewers, Last Season: 92-70, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 76.5

This team had the biggest shift to the under. We opened at 84.5 right off the bat, but signs started pointing towards this being a sell-off, which they did by sending Corbin Burns to Baltimore. Injuries have hurt them too. Devin Williams, their closer, is going to miss some time now too. I think will be a struggle for them to get over that total. Under.

Chicago Cubs, Last Season: 83-79, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 84.5

We opened this at 85 so there’s been some good two-way money. They re-signed Cody Bellinger and signed Japanese starting pitcher Shōta Imanaga. Those are some good acquisitions, and the NL Central should be pretty wide open. I think it’s between them and the Cardinals. I’ll take the Cubs over the Cardinals. Over.

Cincinnati Reds, Last Season: 82-80, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 82.5

The public likes the Reds and Elly De La Cruz, and the young kids like Matt McLain and Hunter Greene. They’ve got some young talent, so they’re easy to root for. But I see the potential for regression. I don’t see the stability that a guy like Joey Votto provided last year. I might be dead wrong, but I see them finishing under 500. Under.

Pittsburgh Pirates, Last Season: 76-86, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 75.5

This is up from 72.5. This division is kind of wide open, so it won’t take a lot for them to have a nice bounce back season. Their shortstop Oneil Cruz has had a big spring. If he stays healthy, he’s gonna be somebody to watch. I’m not sure about their pitching, Their lineup should be okay, but I see them winning about 70 games. Under.

St. Louis Cardinals, Last Season: 71-91, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 84

They had a disappointing year for the first time in forever last year. They picked up some older veteran pitchers like the Mets did last year. That didn’t work out. It’s so easy for those guys to get hurt or underachieve. Under.

National League West

Los Angeles Dodgers, Last Season: 100-62, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 104

We opened LA at 95.5 and saw them get bet up. It’s the best lineup I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. They have three MVP candidates and quality guys like Will Smith and Max Muncy in the bottom of the lineup. They can hit for days and will keep pounding the baseball. Obviously, if Ohtani misses any time, that’ll affect things. But the areas of concern with the Dodgers are pitching health and infield defense. I’m a little curious to see how playing Mookie Betts at shortstop will pan out. They’re gonna score, score, score, but you’re asking a lot for a team to win 105 teams in the regular season. Under.

Arizona Diamondbacks, Last Season: 84-78, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 84.5

They made a decent signing in brining in Eduardo Rodriguez and have some good, young core players. I think they might have a bit of a tough time as that division is super, super tough with the Dodgers, Giants and Padres. They’ve got a challenge ahead to see if they can make a run like they did last year. That run should have given them a lot of experience, but they’re not going to be taking people by surprise like last year. Their pitching should be able to carry them through any tough stretches. Under.

San Diego Padres, Last Season: 82-80, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 83.5

This total dropped after the Juan Soto trade and came back up after the Dylan Cease trade. They made some decent pickups. I think the chemistry just wasn’t right last year. Soto wasn’t a good fit with their other stars. I see improvement out of the Padres. There are lower expectations, so they might play a little free and looser. I think they win about 90 games. Over.

San Francisco Giants, Last Season: 79-83, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 83.5

Not too many people can name guys in their lineup, but they seem to outperform expectations year after year. They made some nice pickups and spent some money on Blake Snell, who adds to their decent pitching. It’s the lineup I’m not sold on. I think they might struggle to score runs, but they’ll be right in the mix. They’ll be close to that win total. Under.

Colorado Rockies, Last Season: 59-103, 2024 Over/Under Wins: 59.5

Nolan Jones is a young up-and-coming guy they’ve got who will have an opportunity to break out. Ezekiel Tovar, their shortstop, is another young guy to watch. Outside of that, it’s tough. We opened them at 62.5, and the sharp bettors took the under. Their pitching is god-awful. It really is terrible, and in a ballpark like Coors, they’re going to get lit up by teams like the Dodgers and the Padres. Under.

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