New Jersey Man Turns $25 Bet Into $237,000 Win by Hitting All 25 Legs of Massive Parlay

Kevin LaRose's final parlay bet at Caesars Sportsbook was on Wyoming beating Utah Valley by more than eight points in basketball

A football sits atop stacks of cash with money wrappers. A New Jersey man recently turned a $25 sports bet at Caesars Sportsbook into over $200,000.
One for the sports betting history books.
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If 64-year-old New Jersey man Kevin LaRose wasn’t a fan of the Wyoming Cowboys men’s basketball team prior to last Saturday, he certainly is now.

A longtime sports bettor who has worked in construction for about 20 years, LaRose had already wrapped up the first 24 legs of a massive 25-leg parlay he placed at Caesars Sportsbook on December 11 as Wyoming’s game against the Utah Valley Wolverines was coming to a close.

In order for the parlay to hit and the $25 bet that LaRose placed on the Caesars app to turn into a $237,553.11 win, Wyoming needed to beat Utah Valley by more than eight points. To the delight of LaRose and his wife of 37 years, the Cowboys knocked off the Wolverines by 12.

“I took a picture of the Caesars Sportsbook screen that congratulated me for winning $237,000 and change,” he said. “It was awesome, I popped open a bottle of wine and we stayed up until like 4:30 in the morning.”

Though he will place other bets at Caesars, LaRose’s favorite type of sportsbook wager is the parlay and he’ll usually place more than one after doing an hour or so of research to sort out his picks.

“I usually try to put in one giant parlay whenever there’s enough games to choose from,” LaRose said. “I like college basketball, there’s a lot of games you can choose from on Saturdays. I wanted to get to 25 games for this parlay, and I needed a couple more so I checked out the NBA. I don’t really bet the NBA that much, but I saw those teams and I felt they had a good shot at pulling off the wins.”

On the Saturday that he won his extraordinary parlay, LaRose had two others bust earlier in the day and was barely able to squeeze in his winning slate of games.

“So just how historic was LaRose’s parlay?” asks Caesars. “There have been 112 25-leg parlays that have cashed at Caesars Sportsbook. The highest winning amount on the previous 111? $3,400. Because LaRose threw in 10 spread bets with -110 juice on his parlay compared to just putting in huge moneyline favorites and laying heavier numbers, his $237,553.11 winnings was substantially higher than the others.”

Well played.

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