Historic NCAA Violations Probe Implicates 20 Schools, 25 Players

Former NBA agent Andy Miller allegedly paid big money loans to top prospects.

An investigation into former NBA agent Andy Miller and his agency, ASM Sports, has revealed potential rule violations by at least 20 Division I schools and 25 players, according to Yahoo Sports. The documents in the probe allege that Miller’s agency had been giving loans and other financial incentives to some of high school and college basketball’s best prospects in hopes of winning their business once they became pros. The allegations clearly violate the NCAA’s rules, and programs as big as Duke, UNC, Kentucky, and Michigan State are implicated in the burgeoning scandal. Miller’s alleged strategy was varied, loaning tens of thousands to some players, covering meals for others. Both current NCAA players and current NBA players, like Dennis Smith and Bam Adebayo, are named in the documents.

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