NBA Agent Repays $3 Million He Accidentally Cost Player

Bill Duffy forgot to officially exercise Anthony Carter's player option after the 2002-03 season

NBA Agent Repays $3 Million He Accidentally Cost Player
Anthony Carter talks before a 2004 game against the New York Knicks.
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It took almost two decades, but NBA agent Bill Duffy has made one of his clients whole after costing him around $3 million dollars back in 2003.

Following the 2002-03 NBA season, Duffy forgot to inform the Heat that his client, Anthony Carter, wanted to exercise his player option and lock in a $4.1 million salary to remain with Miami, according to The New York Times.

As a result of Duffy’s error, 27-year-old Carter was forced to hit the market as a free agent coming off a disappointing season in which he averaged 4.1 points on .356 shooting in 49 games.

Unsurprisingly, the market for Carter was not robust and he was forced to settle for a minimum contract with the San Antonio Spurs that paid him roughly $750,000.

Since his mistake cost Carter at least $3 million, Duffy vowed to pay his client back and set up an agreed-upon payment schedule with the player. That schedule has come to an end and Duffy has officially paid back all of the money that his 2003 gaffe cost Carter.

“When this happened, I was hearing from a lot of people because I took responsibility,” Duffy told The Times. “I took ownership of it and took care of it and he was taken care of. I’ve had Wall Street people call me and say: ‘Man, that happens all the time. Everybody tries to hide from it. They try to pass the buck. You stood up for it. You took care of it.’ I actually gained a lot of respect from people.”

The mistake with Carter did not end up hindering Duffy’s professional career as he went on to sign players like Goran Dragic, Rajon Rondo and Luka Doncic.

Carter, who is now back with the Heat as an assistant coach, played 13 seasons in the NBA and retired in 2012 at the age of 36. He was part of the package the Nuggets sent to the Knicks that brought Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups and Raymond Felton to New York in 2011.

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